a safe place

a safe place

It rained tonight and when I peeped out, the sky was radiant. Brimming with excitement, I took you to the terrace to show you an orange night sky, sprinkled with a few stars. You were so confused and were probably curious about what the heck I was going all gaga about . Considering I show you hundreds of objects each day – plane , flower , bus , dog , car , tree – you just couldn’t understand the difference between my efforts to educate you and captivate you. I wish I could store all these moments of pure beauty in a little box; something like the opposite of a Pandora’s box, packed with pieces of joy gathered over time.

As you grow older, your bones will get stronger, time will chisel away your cherubic glow ; and your eyes will have their own way of showing your heart things that deserve to be marveled at. And while I will stand in a corner, exercising as much restraint as I possibly can to let you find your own recipe for discovering wonderment; know that I’m always there to share an orange sky with you.

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