You’re two now. A little girl with a growing heart. Slides at the park scare you but you try your best to conquer them, climbing in the opposite direction, so you don’t see how high you’re going. Nothing gives you more joy in the world than chocolate pudding. Not even mom and dad. Peas, pomegranate seeds, peanuts- they’ve all made the journey in and out your nostrils, enjoying adventures borne out of your curiosity. You’ve discovered the art of bribing with hugs and kisses. I worry for the boys you’ll one day take for a ride. You love to sing while on the potty chair. In fact you love to sing all the time. When you get angry, you flail your arms about like a possessed banshee. It takes all my will-power to resist laughing and glare at you. You always seem to be busy, never still, roaming with impatient zest.

You’re ambitious and stubborn and insanely adorable. With every day, the shape of your face changes and I find myself torn between loving the new sprouting tendrils of your personality and missing the baby who needed me for everything.



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