About Us

About Us

Who are We?


Once upon a time, two people in love had way too much wine and made me. I don’t think they realized exactly how much trouble they were in for. Since my exit from the womb, I’ve made it my life’s mission to be the centre of their universe. I’ve also made this incredibly awesome discovery – that I can control them with the little things I do.

Once I farted and my mom laughed for half an hour. Another time I kicked a ball, and my dad hugged me and wouldn’t let go. It’s a sweet life, being loved like this.


A daydreamer, tea-lover, world-champion procrastinator, karaoke singer, handmade notebook hoarder- this woman is one crazy lassie. She loves to blame the universe for everything that goes wrong, laugh at her own jokes, and ponder over the meaning of life when she’s done reading up on all the celebrity gossip she can soak in.

Motherhood has given her the opportunity to discover her own inner child, the one that isn’t busy thinking about grocery shopping and failed New years resolutions. Through ‘No time to Moisturize’, she hopes to share her musings, discoveries and inevitable frustrations with the world.


An artist and thinker fatigued by the industry’s norms, V tries to infuse all the hoarded creativity and mayhem in stimulating, independent projects such as ‘No Time To Moisturize’. He believes that imperfect yet mindful parenting can contribute to a better world.

By virtue of being an elder brother he often wonders ‘how hard could all this really be’. Through this project however, he realizes the affair is far from child’s play.